Is It Time to Update Your Estate Plan?

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A will doesn't have to be the only estate planning document in your portfolio. Consider drafting an advance medical directive to leave detailed instructions about your medical care or prepare a durable financial power of attorney to designate who you'd like to take care of your business affairs if you are unavailable or incapacitate. An estate planning attorney can draft these document for you.

The Law Office of Richard D. Scott has been preparing estate planning documents for residents of the Roanoke, VA area since 2010. Attorney Scott can meet with you to map out your wishes for our estate, and he and his staff can meet with you to sign and witness any documents that his office prepares as part of your plan.

If you suffer the loss of a loved one, Richard can also assist you with navigating the estate administration process, either when probating a will or administering the estate of someone who passes away without leaving a will.

Our estate planning attorney can also update your estate planning documents...

When you buy or sell a home or high-value items.
If you want to add or remove a beneficiary.
As needed to reflect your current wishes.

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Settling a loved one's affairs can be challenging

When you need help with estate administration duties, turn to The Law Office of Richard D. Scott in Roanoke, VA. Attorney Scott can help you figure out what you need to do.

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